Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ogilvie Wedding | 10.27.12.

I have to tell yall the story. Or you won't fully appreciate why I was so happy to do this wedding. Nikki contacted me a few months back before her October wedding, actually only about a month before her wedding. Nikki's mother, Mrs. Jewel and my mom work together. Being a mom and how mom's are, my mom always brags on her kids. Nikki had found out through my mom that I did photography on the side as well. My mom is incredibly into home decor just like I am and was helping Nikki plan and decorate for her wedding coming up. She had been telling me all about it on the phone and how pretty Nikki's wedding was going to be...and even saying, "I wish you could see it Ally. It is going to be so gorgeous, I'll have to get some pictures from the photographer."
Nikki wrote me a Facebook messaging explaining what I truly believe has been one of the sweetest things I've been apart of my entire life. I live in Florida because my husband serves in the Air Force. Nikki's wedding was in North Carolina where I am originally from and where my parents as well as my husbands are still located. Nikki asked if I would be interested in photographing her wedding...but even more than that, regardless about the photography or not, she wanted to fly me home to surprise my mom. DONE. This was around the same time we had found out my mom had Thyroid cancer. DONE. DONE. DONE.
Nikki, your act of kindness has made a HUGE impact on my life forever. I realized that there still are generous souls out there and even more, I realized what MATTERS in life. Each other. And family.
Nikki's wedding was nothing short of beautiful and I was honored to capture her day. Although we got caught up as well with Hurricane Sandy and were unable to get one picture outside, I still loved your day and considered it beautiful. I hope you did too.

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